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I make your important choices EASY


I make your important
choices EASY

Blake Chapman - Easier Estate Planning

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"It's too important to put off" - Blake Chapman, Lawyer

When our daughter Indy was born we knew the right thing to do was make sure we had a will that would protect her future in case anything happened to us.

But like most people, we were frustrated by the process. We couldn’t find prices online and didn’t want to call a bunch of faceless lawyers who couldn't be bothered to call us back and give us a straight price for wills. 

So we delayed (for years). When we finally got around to it, we had to take time off, fight traffic, and arrange babysitting. We were handed a pile of incomprehensible documents with no explanation of what anything meant.

This led to one simple conclusion:


Protecting your family’s future with a will and estate planning is too important to put off because the process is inconvenient and unfriendly.

So I started my own Life Planning Law firm to fix those little things — to make it easy.

Blake Chapman - A Family-First Lawyer

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Family is the centre of my life. I’m a father of two beautiful girls and a husband to an amazing wife. Oh, and I'm an experienced wills and estates lawyer.

I built my wills and estates law practice to work with my family's life, allowing me to work from home, walk my kids to school and maximize our family time (and vacation time).

Our family loves to explore the world, both abroad and in our little corner of the Beaches and our family cottage near Orillia. The highlight of our adventures so far was our trip to north and east Africa. Hawaii was amazing too, but surfing is definitely not for me!

Why you can rely on me

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"Treat others how you want to be treated." - Blake Chapman, Lawyer

I ONLY practice in the area of estate planning and wills and estates law - what I call Life Planning Law because death and incapacity are part of life.

I don’t dabble. I believe in focusing on a few small areas and knowing them exceptionally well.

I believe in PERSONAL SERVICE. I respond to all emails myself. I draft all your documents myself. I leverage technology to deliver efficient and fast service. I work as much as possible by video to save everyone time and money.

I believe strongly and teach my kids to live by the GOLDEN RULE - treat others how you want to be treated. It is unacceptable to me when people don't promptly get back to you.

I spent 13 YEARS in university and have 4 degrees, including a PhD, Masters, and JD in law. I have spoken at community events and law schools across Ontario.

I am licensed with the Law Society of Ontario (verify in their directory).

How I got here

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I've accomplished a great deal and have had many lucky breaks along the way. The people in my life come first and I couldn't have done it without them.

Thank you to my amazing wife Lindsay who supported me for far too long while I lived the student life. Thank you to my kids for reminding me what it's all for.

Thank you to my parents (Roy and Diane) and in-laws (Maureen and Dave) for too many things to list, but especially the free babysitting!

Thank you to my brother, Scott, for his marketing and branding expertise. Thank you to Jerry De Stefanis for his wonderful family photos.

Thank you to my friends and colleagues who trusted me to take care of their clients.

Thank you to YOU - my clients, past, present and future. You've trusted your family's future to me - I won't let you down!

Blake Chapman, Lawyer & Founder

You've trusted your family's future to me - I won't let you down!

How can I help your family?

Based in Toronto in the Beaches.

Virtual meetings from anywhere in the world.